Thursday, 17 September 2015

Beautiful Days 2015

McBaby here with my annual update on Beautiful Days "Hestabal" ['festival' -ed]. It seems like a while ago now, but we headed off in the van for our week in Devon, stopping off to meet my friend 'Polly' and her folks in their massive motorhome. Owing to the size of this vehicle, which was bigger than our house, we actually met at a local supermarket where we caught up with them and saw a lot of other fellow Levellers fans.

We pitched up at the site and mummy and daddy wrestled with a tent and a gazebo, at one point confusing the two which they blamed on each other. They got the tent up but were eager to start drinking so the gazebo ended up shoved back in its box and into the van. We went to get our wristbands (I had a tantrum about putting this on). Mummy then said I wasn't allowed a wristband, so of course, then I wanted to put it on.

The next day, we walked around and spent most of the day in the kids' field, before mummy and her friends went to see the Levellers. I slept through most of this set. To be fair though, I have seen them quite a few times for a child of my age.

Saturday was good fun and I spent most of the day dancing with my friends. I did have a massive tantrum about nothing and somehow managed to throw my friend's strawberries and cream all over the floor. She was heartbroken. I then went drumming while mummy had lunch with a famous folk performer and wouldn't shut up about it afterwards.

There was some sunshine on Sunday, mostly it rained and rained. I was naughty and had to be told off by mummy. It's hard to take her seriously though when she's reprimanding me while wearing a pink and comedy oversized glasses. Mummy and daddy then had a heart stopping moment when I said to Grandad, very slowly, "Grandad.". Which is true!

I absolutely loved Katzenjammer and kept running to the front and moshing. I loved Gogol Bordello too and saw the Levellers sing my three favourite songs; One Way, What a Beautiful Day and Fifteen Years. I perfected that thing that people do at gigs where they point and sing along.

We then went back to the van and decided there and then that we should go home rather than get stuck in the mud. There was a huge motorhome blocking the way out and mummy and daddy had a huge shouting match about it, because daddy didn't see it and said it would be easy to get out. We then came round the corner and daddy shouted: "there's a motorhome blocking the way!"

Our friends had to push us out, plus a lovely man who helped us. Thank you. Mummy was driving and had to keep going, so couldn't say thank you. The weekend went far too quickly and we've already put next year's date in the diary! 19th to 21st August 2016 - see you there!

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