Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Park Run

The McBaby loves to run. MrM and I don't. So we decided we'd take him to the Newbury Park Run at beautiful Greenham Common so that he could see how the proper runners do it.

Considering he's only three, he did very well and we were only lapped by handful of people. As someone pointed out; "He's running more kilometres than his age!"
I was astonished to see that the dedicated volunteers manning the finish line were still in situ when we crossed the line about an hour after everyone else and that the little man's picture was on FB when we got back - yikes.

With the next park run already hoving into view (it's every Saturday!) I've made a note of some points that might help the McBaby with his next event.

1. You can run the course much faster if you don't stop to examine every cow pat en route.

2. It's generally a good idea to run in the same direction as the rest of the runners.

3. Repeatedly shouting random instructions and other observations at your mother just uses up valuable puff.

4. Don't sprint to the start line and then refuse to run any further once the race starts.

5. If you can't see any other competitors, you're either in first place or in very, very last place.

6. If you're overtaken by a woman walking her dog, then it's probably best to step the pace up a bit.

7. Don't be distracted by the desire to pick up stones. And putting them in your pocket will just weigh you down.

8. If you are getting tired, don't just stop suddenly so that a man with a dog runs straight into your back.

9. Don't drag your feet so you end up kicking gravel into your mother's face.

10. Enjoy it! And don't sprint from the finish line to the car park - that's just rude.

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