Thursday, 6 August 2015

The circus

A few weeks ago, I noticed a post on FB by our nursery with fabulous pictures of their day learning circus skills. Spinning plates! Juggling! Diablos!

"How fabulous!" I thought, noting of course, that the McBaby was actually at home with me that day, so he and I had spent most of the day having a face-off about the swimming goggles while his classmates had been learning these crucial circus skills.

However, all was not lost as our local library held a similar event which we duly signed up for.

It was brilliant fun! Although there was a slight hiccup at the beginning with the circus man being late and me finding myself admonished by the librarian for thinking that the pictures might go on social media because she'd just presented me with a bit of paper saying they might go on social media.

Fortunately, the circus man turned up putting an end to our conversation *(which bizarrely wasn't the strangest conversation I heard that day, but more on that later).

He kicked off with showing the children how to juggle and at one point effortlessly balanced a chair on his chin. He then taught them how to juggle with coloured scarves instead of balls (or knives) - a brilliant idea which gave them extra seconds to get the technique.

They then balanced peacocks' feathers on their hands (and chins and feet and knees) before playing with diablos and spinning plates.

It was a great thing to watch and fantastically interactive, although I was quite interested to find that the children were more interested in shouting than learning and that the McBaby didn't stay as engaged for as long as I thought he would. We'll definitely try this again - it's great for children of all ages (and adults too - I certainly noticed that I wasn't the only bigger person sticking their tongue out trying to get their plate to stay spinning!)

Can't wait to try unicycling next!

*Ah yes, I was going to tell you about the conversation in the outdoor pool that I happened to overhear between a father and son.

Father: "If you swim from this line to the wall, I will buy you a sausage roll from Greggs."

Son: "Greggs! Could I have a cheese and onion pasty please?"

Father: "No, the sausage rolls are bigger and have more filling in them."

Son; "OK!"

Me: ??????

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