Friday, 24 April 2015

Signs you may have watched the Paddington film too many times

This portly baby was me cough cough cough years ago.

Surprisingly this traumatic dressing up session didn't put me off Paddington and I've loved the diminutive bear ever since. I've tried in vain to share this love with the McBaby, but he's a bit young and fidgety to enjoy the stories at bedtime.

I was also a bit nervous about seeing the film - surely it couldn't contain the charm and hilarity of the books in this day and age? As you know (for everyone has seen this film), I was completely wrong - the film is superb!

In fact, we now have the opposite problem. The McBaby has a Paddington bear obsession manifesting itself in embarrassing ways:

1. Answering the question, "what's your name?" with massive ROAR!


The formerly-hat-phobic McBaby now wears this tatty hat from nursery every day and night. He also insists on putting marmalade sandwiches inside "in case of emergency". Although I'm not sure when he's experience an emergency that would necessitate him pulling a face and nearly being sick.


"No, you are not 'sleeping over there in that bin!' ".

4. Coming home from nursery, knocking on the front door and saying: "I'm looking for Montgomery Clyde"

5. Pretending to put his toothbrush in his ear. EVERY. TIME. WE. BRUSH. OUR.TEETH.

6. Ditto pretending to put his face in the toilet.

7. Trying to sleep on the windowsill.

8.Singing "London is the place for me"

As a facebook friend pointed out yesterday, probably best to keep him away from the Tube!


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