Monday, 9 February 2015

Harry the Hedgehog

There's an episode of Peppa Pig where Teddy Playgroup comes to stay and they must do interesting things and keep a diary. Mummy Pig laughs that Teddy Playgroup has been to "London, Paris, Egypt; oh I say, Teddy Playgroup does have an exciting life."

It's this display of one-upmanship that worries me when the time comes to take Harry the Hedgehog home for the day. This is not helped by a bad-tempered mum shouting at me in the car park for no particular reason other than she parked near me, and then a member of staff reminding me not once, not twice, but three times to bring the bear back to nursery.

Actually, it's not too bad. He hasn't been to Disneyland or Africa, so I don't need to make stuff up, our trip into town will do very nicely and there's no need to make up an adventure about MrM taking him to a lapdancing club. MrM is horrified by this joke of mine.

So we take him into town, to a cake sale, to the park and to the car wash. Where I lose him twice. And then my printer breaks, so we provide the diary entries but no photos.

So in an online exclusive, here are the pictures we took of Teddy Playgroup, I mean Harry hedgehog.

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