Monday, 9 February 2015

Elmer and Wilbur

When I was little, any elephant stories would have Babar at their heart. These days it's Elmer. And as the McBaby is such a huge fan of elephants that he actually thinks he is one, we're quickly accumulating Elmer books for bedtime reading.

They're lovely and colourful with nice simple stories, but I find them a little difficult to read out loud occasionally as the flow seems to disappear from under me, but that's a minor, and occasional quibble.

We've read "Elmer plays hide and seek" (which the McBaby more or less reads to himself), so many times that the book is falling apart. It has come through many hands before reaching us and is in tatters. I can't seem to find a reprint anywhere.

As well as "Elmer", we're currently reading "Elmer and Wilbur" about a visit from Elmer's naughty ventriloquist cousin who gets stuck up a tree. At one point he says, "don't leave me, I'm starving!".

I won't buy another Elmer book until he stops reciting this line at me in public all of the time as it's sure to lead to trouble.


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