Friday, 20 February 2015

Animal poses

I've been searching high and low for ages for a yoga class that the McBaby and I can do together. So high and low in fact, that I even looked into the possibility of teaching them myself. So I was thrilled to see that Dandelion Wellbeing between Hungerford and Marlborough were offering two classes in half term and duly booked on.

They were great! if only the McBaby had been better behaved and had done what he was told, instead of escaping mid way through a downward dog and having a tantrum. Tantrums are never good but somehow, within the hallowed and relaxed space of a yoga studio, their volume is amplified.

Anyway, he's got a real talent for yoga, with good balance and strong legs. We did all of the animal poses, the cat, the dog, the cow, the rabbit, the frog. And a special one for the McBaby - who even knew there was an elephant yoga pose?


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