Monday, 15 December 2014

What I did on my day off

The McBaby and I met for the first time nearly three years ago and in those 1092 days, he and I have only spent one night apart. Until this weekend when MrM took the McBaby down to see his parents. I seized the opportunity to catch up on some work, some reading, some drinking with friends and some using of the complimentary gym pass I was given for gorgeous Audley Inglewood.

In reality, I only did the lazing around in the gym bit. Arriving at Inglewood still retains its majestic splendour even though I seem to be here a couple of times a week and it's fast becoming my second home. The place just looks stunning on a day like today with its white walls contrasting with the pure blue sky.

I headed for the gym and am delighted that the run of exemplary customer service continued here too.

And as I had the pool to myself, I stayed in it swimming up and down for an hour and a half, most of the time fantasising that I was in my very own pool. It's the cleanest, sleekest pool I've ever been in and I have never felt so relaxed. I reluctantly got out and went for a long walk around the town before the day took a much more unhealthy direction.

So, I'm glad to say that I didn't miss my "baby" too much; all it takes is a day out in five-star surroundings to take my mind off him....

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