Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Review of the year 2014

What a great year it's been!

January - workwise, I held my first PR Workshop for beginners which we're doing again this coming January and hopefully every quarter after that. The idea is that local business people will come to our house and brainstorm ideas for doing their own PR.

February - the McBaby visited Paris for the first time! We had a fabulous time, staying in Montparnasse and hooking up with lovely friends.

March - I rediscovered my love of yoga and found an amazing teacher!

April saw us visit the Lake District where we had a fabulous time. The Mcbaby wowed a group of ramblers by climbing up a massive hill.

May - saw the McBaby meet local time-travelling canine celebrity Rolo and I went to a school reunion! Workwise, I started an interesting contract at the NHS, making this a hugely busy month.

June - Two visits down to the sea for the annual World Nettle Eating Championships and the Levellers headlining the inaugural Behind the Castle festival which was amazing. Would love to return this year but can't face an hour-long queue at the bar after having my beer confiscated!

July - second friend of the year back from Oz. Also saw another outstanding Mark Thomas performance. The rest was work, work, work!

August - Some brilliant stories arising from my NHS contract about diabetes work. August is of course Beautiful Days and my sister's festival, plus we added Bunkfest in at the end of the month.

September - Work, work, work, culminating in the Newbury Show where I quit my NHS job!

October - We took the McBaby to Argentina and Uruguay. Amazing month! MrM even went to the Vineyard.

November - A trip to Portsmouth (where my friend and I had a beer with one of my heroes), a birthday party in Cornwall, a trip to Sandbanks and The Cruel Sea.

December - Took the Mcbaby to the Isle of Wight, McBaby's third birthday, a boat trip, a trip up to the top of the church tower and an amazing Christmas in Cornwall.

Happy 2015!!!


  1. Wow, you had a busy 2014 and got to go to some great places. I guess the job was perhaps taking up more time than you hoped.

    The festivals sound great and i am always amazed a the number of festivals you find to go to, it sounds like you have lots of fun:-)

    Have a great 2015.xx