Sunday, 28 December 2014

December 2014

The latest adventures of the McBaby -December

1. We climbed to the top of the church tower in town to have a look at the bell tower and then get a view of the town - the McBaby flatly refused to come back down again.

2. Went to Basildon Park to see the Christmas decorations. McBaby played the piano in the main entrance much to everyone's amusement/distress. A nice lady said; "was that you playing the piano -- aren't you clever" To which he replied "NO!"

3. We watched Frozen 4,500 times having been the last people in the world to hold out. McBaby asked for it and when I agreed, he ran down the high street like Anneka Rice in Treasure Hunt, stopping people and saying: "I'm McBaby. Have you got Frozen?"

4. Turned up at a lovely carol singing around the tree event. McBaby stole hundreds of sausage rolls and then when the brass band started up, pointed at the tuba and shouted "that sounds like daddy's bottom". Unfortunately we were standing next to our MP. A couple of years ago, the McBaby called him "daddy" much to everyone's embarrassment.

5. Went to the Isle of Wight. Oh to live on an island and be surrounded by gorgeous beaches. Once again, the McBaby did not want to leave.

6. Took the McBaby to a party or three - all at the same place. I get really nervous at these things and as MrM does the nursery drop off, I don't know any of the parents or children. I tried to get talking to one mum by asking her what her son's name was. She told me and asked me what McBaby's name was.

"Oh HE's McBaby, is he? He got time out for hitting my son on the head." *end of conversation*

7. The McBaby turned three! Can't quite believe the tiny person/huge character was my little helpless baby.

8. Took the McBaby on a canal cruise where he met Santa!

9. Took the McBaby to the amazing lantern procession through town

10. Took the Mcbaby to the Victorian Extravaganza where he asked to go onto the chairoplanes and then cried so heartily they had to stop the ride to get him off.

11. Christmas in Cornwall!

More beaches and more quality time for the McBaby with his cousins.


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