Thursday, 27 November 2014

Tis the season to be grumpy

The McBaby and I are feeling all festive after visiting the annual Christmas fair at Audley Inglewood.

Well, sort of. While the place looks amazing and we were treated to our first carols of the year, the McBaby interrupted the choir shouting "I don't like the Christmas music" and insisting we search for biscuits instead. We couldn't find any and a mince pie was a poor replacement apparently.

I saw lots of lovely people we knew, but had to cut every conversation short because the McBaby wanted to run away.

And then we got to the car park to see someone reversing and going forwards out of a space and scraping the side of our car each time he did so. The noise of the scratching was horrendous and the McBaby shouted at him to "STOP CRASHING INTO MUMMY'S CAR". "But it's a difficult space to get out of" was his reply.

"Sorry" was the answer I was looking for so I showed him the damage. "That will polish out" he said.

Happy Christmas!


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