Monday, 4 August 2014

Feng shui

As you may know, the McBaby does not do what he is told. For example, when I asked him to stop calling his daddy by the inappropriate nickname by which I've been calling him for 10 years, he shouted it more loudly with glee.

Same with bedtime. So MrM decided to see if we could get a bit of feng shui on our side. Perhaps the ever-inquisitive McBaby wouldn't stay in his bed, because he can't see what's going on from his bed. How about moving the room around to put the bed nearer to the door, facilitating a view of the landing.

Well, no sooner had I rearranged the bed and remade it than he pushed me out of the way, shouting "my bed!" and actually got in and laughed. Hopefully the Chinese are onto something!

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