Sunday, 13 July 2014


I’ve decided to stop participating in these “awareness” weeks. Who cares that I ate an éclair on National Eat an Éclair day? It’s extra pressure I just don’t have time for. Instead of doing silly things such as Fight the Filthy Fly week, national accordion awareness week, national aquarium month and national adopt a cat day (these are all real ones), we’ve made the most of the sunshine and taken the McBaby to the beach, to London and on a long, long walk around our town.

The National History Museum means that he now thinks he’s a dinosaur; he roars at will and shouts “dinosaur” with glee. MrM kindly didn’t make too much of the fact that while we were ambling around the dinosaur exhibit at the Natural History Museum, I made a trademark stupid comment and remarked upon how strange it was that the McBaby was interested in dinosaurs. “I mean, he hasn’t actually seen one in real life”.

We also went to the Science Museum – you could actually spend days in here, there’s so much to do. The McBaby was most interested in throwing bits of a puzzle onto a floor and lying down on benches saying: “night night”, meaning that anyone that wanted a good look at an actual space rocket had to step over him.

Other adventures included a long walk around our town, over the common and along the canal path. While we walked back up to our house past the church, the McBaby spied a couple of people heading across the churchyard and into a door. He lets go of my hand and follows them. I chase him up a spiral staircase and into the room at the top where people are ringing bells.

I apologise, but they welcome the strange intrusion and allow the McBaby to touch the rope and to watch bell practice. (I seem to think the word is ‘campanology’ – it rings a bell anyway).

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