Thursday, 8 May 2014

Who is Peter?

Most mornings I do not find an elderly gent in the car. Although once when MrM and I lived in Chesham, we found a drunken old man asleep in our porch.

However, this morning, en route to Eddie Catz soft play, I found this bloke in the car. The McBaby tells me he's called "Peter". Incidentally, the picture below is the 91st I took as the McBaby found it mind-blowingly hilarious to turn "Peter" on his head every time I took a photo.

Does anyone know who he is or what set he might be part of before I return him to nursery?

On another note, the last time we were Eddie Catz, the McBaby stopped halfway down the slide, meaning I had to climb up the inside from the bottom (after lecturing him about the dangers of going UP a slide) while two little girls also climbed up behind me, meaning that I was effectively unable to go up or down. Not going down is a little difficult when you have gravity doing its work.

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