Monday, 12 May 2014

The jabs

Not only have I failed as a mum today, but I also failed spectacularly at being a decent human as well.

Last week, I got a text inviting me to book the latest jabs for the McBaby, which I duly did for 11am today so we could head to the surgery directly from our swimming lesson at 10am. Then over the weekend, one of our sinks started leaking (we live in a new build, and when we moved in, I pointed out to the builders that it was leaking and that it was causing a damp stain on the paint. They repainted over the stain.)

So of course the plumber says he will come between 10 and 11. I tell MrM that we have jabs and he agrees to drive back from work to wait in for the plumber. So we miss swimming and we head to the surgery after MrM comes back home under a pile of paperwork saying that this has put his day back tremendously. I have a bag of fudge ready to feed the McBaby after he's been perforated.

They have no record of our appointment, so I ask if I can make one for tomorrow at the same time, which we did (they later called back and said the nurse on duty tomorrow doesn't do jabs so it's now going to be Thursday).

So rather than tell MrM that we've totally wasted his time, I find a plaster in my handbag and affix it to the McBaby's arm. it doesn't stick terribly well as it's been in there since I got my wallet in 1997 and it's also covered in biscuit crumbs. The McBaby creates as much fuss as I expected for the actual jab.

I tell MrM he's been very well behaved and MrM says he'll get a treat for him on the way home. I'm hoping that the treat is going to be a sink that doesn't leak. Now I've got to go through the whole rigmarole for real later this week and this time I won't get any sympathy. Or fudge.


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