Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Old School

It's been a crazy busy couple of weeks with a new contract that I've started recently so I nearly forgot about my school reunion to celebrate 20 years since we left.

What's that? I don't look old enough? Why thank you!

It was a lovely day and so wonderful to see people I'd not seen since we left, including three teachers who are still at the school. I had forgotten just how monumentally blunt one of them could be:

"Michelle, why aren't you married yet?"

"Juliet - you look like your mum now you're a bit older."

"Susie, you used to be brainy"

Anyway, the reason I mention this is that I have only just twigged just how important it is to select the right school for the McBaby. It seems like years away, but it isn't. And if 20 years ago seems like 2 years ago, then 2 years is going to fly by. I was so, so, so lucky that my parents worked hard to send me to a lovely school set in incredible surroundings with wonderful opportunities and the chance to rub shoulders with inspirational people that I need to ensure that the McBaby has the same. For sensitive souls like me and McBaby, it's vital that our shy personalities don't get lost in the system - rather than leaving things to chance, I'm avidly checking all of the options; Steiner, village school, home-school! Plus anymore you can recommend!

I nearly laughed my socks off when I met my Dad after my school reunion. He asked me how it went and about all of my old friends but in the meantime, he'd been working and had met a lady who had moved to Bolton from India to set up a hair salon. To which my dad asked: "What's Urdu for 'airdo?"

Being overtired has made me ridiculously giggly. When I collected my new parking pass for my new contract, a colleague asked if she could have one too.

"Have you got a car?"

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