Friday, 25 April 2014

Five signs you might be on holiday with a toddler

1. As you have to pack trousers, tops, socks, nappies, wipes, a teddy bear plus an extra three of everything just in case, there's only space for you to take one change of clothes. ON our last trip away walking in the Lake District, I managed to pack two tops and no trousers. Quite an embarrassing trip to one of the many outdoor clothing shops in Bowness ensued.

2. Rather than soaking up the sun, you spend HOURS on the beach watching a toddler throw a stone at a time into the sea.

3. You fork out piles of cash to see the local attractions, but your toddler either sleeps through it, or turns his back on the amazing sights and decides to jump in puddles for the afternoon.

4. You can't find a nice place to eat that will take toddlers, so you either eat at 5pm or you have to go to a chain that you'd never go to at home.

5. If you think that recording of The Wheels on the Bus is annoying, just wait until you've heard it for the 129th time.

What are yours?


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