Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Good Life

In 2006, shortly after moving house, we received a letter that began "we note that you are now 0.1 miles outside the catchment area for our allotments and we will shortly be reallocating your plot to someone who lives within the area."

After losing the plot, so to speak, I've missed the allotment every time I've handed over cash for overpriced and overpackaged veg. The good news is that we have reached the top of the waiting list for the allotments where we currently live and will soon be digging, growing and sowing!

With a growing toddler whose appetite expands every day, I'm so thrilled that he'll be able to see that potatoes come from the ground and will experience that wonderful feeling of cooking something that's come directly from the ground.

So exciting. Cue Mr Bloom soundtrack!

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