Friday, 3 January 2014

Cream and Sugar the Milkmaids; Snowfall and Snowballs

What a lovely surprise to get a comment from the lead character herself when we recently reviewed the lovely children’s book Lady Davina Dove in a series of 12 by Jani Tully Chaplin.

The McBaby and I loved this Christmassy tale about a manor house and enjoyed harking back to times past when the festive season was more about family and less about shopping. In the review, I said that the book was the probably the best of the 12, simply as we found it enchanting – it certainly wasn’t a comment on the quality of the other eleven.

As if to prove this, the publishers of the Manor House Stories kindly sent us another in the series; this time about Cream and Sugar, the milkmaids. We received it on Christmas Eve, so it could not have been better timed as I read it to the McBaby just before settling him for the night so that Father Christmas could visit.

Again, it’s beautifully illustrated with detailed pictures evoking snowy Christmases and characterful animals. This story is about the work that goes into preparing a meal for a foreign guest - a beautiful, mysterious visitor from Russia. There are snowball fights, sledge rides and magnificent ice sculptures, again with a delightful, nostalgic story complemented by gorgeous and detailed illustrations. Not only that, but it actually tells you how to make an ice bowl which we will definitely try when it gets colder!

Highly recommended! We can’t wait to read more!

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