Friday, 25 October 2013

The unprepared mum is unprepared....

Today was a new low in my parenting abilities as I took the Mcbaby to his splash class at the local swimming pool just up the road.

I'm not going to blame the massive blow to the head that I received in the pool, because the disorganisation came as I packed our swimming bag and dressed us with our swimming gear underneath. The head injury, incidentally, arose because each child was given a little watering can to fill up and pour over their mum's heads before swapping places and being on the receiving end of the water. The exercise is to get them to be used to getting their heads wet.

Coaxed by the teacher into filling up his watering can and pouring it over me, the McBaby just threw the full watering can at my head, spout end first. This was surprisingly painful and may have led to me being too vigorous with the next few underwater games.

But back to the beginning. I forgot my wallet and had to ask them to look our name up on the computer and check we were members. Fortunately, they let us in, and so our 45 minutes of fun (apart from having a watering can flung at my head) began.

After doing the hokey cokey, I got us into the shower and realised I'd forgotten soap and shampoo. Never mind. A quick rinse and we'll have a bath at home.

I then realised I'd forgotten my pants, but you'd probably gathered that from my second sentence. As I took the McBaby's swimming nappy off, I realised the water from my swimming suit was now all over his t-shirt. I then realised I'd forgotten to bring a normal nappy. I also forgot my phone, it turns out, and got home to find 4 voicemails.

And I have one child. Just how did the two ladies at today's session who took two children swimming remember everything?


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