Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Stay at Home McMum

October 1st feels like a bit of a new beginning - I feel all "back to school - new year's resolution"y thanks to giving up booze for a month and quitting my job.

Fed up with getting up early, going to work and then driving home again, I am now back at home full time with the McBaby. Our first day was lovely with an autumnal walk pictured below where McBaby played a game where he leapt from cow pat to cow pat shouting "let's go!" each time. My part in the game was to scrub his trousers and shoes when we got home....

We then fed the ducks by the canal where most of the bread went to the ducks apart from the occasions where I was too slow to stop McBaby eating it himself. We stopped feeding the ducks when one of them flew up into the air and then dive bombed towards my head, quacking like Daffy having a fight. Terrifying for me but entertaining for McBaby and a barge-ful of tourists.

We then returned home via the library and came home to make some banana cake and to put on some laundry. Even though we didn't really do anything, somehow I found the day much more fulfilling than my previous days. I will enjoy this until the money runs out!


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