Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Simpler times...

The McBaby and I have had a difficult morning together owing to his reluctance to walk into town with me.

I stupidly forgot to get the pushchair out of the car this morning, meaning it went off to work with MrM; leaving McBaby and I to walk the five minute walk into town. This normally wouldn't have presented a problem, but he would not walk; either posting his head between my legs to let me know what he wanted to be carried, or sitting down in protest on the floor.

Is it my imagination or is everyone a little too ready to comment on a woman trying to walk up the street with a recalcitrant toddler? People telling me he was hungry, that he needed me to carry him, that he was upset?

And it's not just strangers either. People I know have told me this week that I should get reins for the Mcbaby, that I play with him too much and that he shouldn't be in a bed, that he shouldn't be in our bed, that he should spend time with me, that he should go to nursery more often.

However, it all came right this afternoon when the McBaby and I found this old memory game toy from the 1970s in the cupboard. I loved the vintage hand-drawn pictures and the McBaby loved doing the matching...

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