Friday, 27 September 2013

A stitch in time....

The inevitable happened yesterday when I got a call from MrM to say that he was on his way to the minor injuries unit with McBaby.

Apparently he'd got so excited about an activity that was planned for nursery that he ran too quickly for his legs and tripped over, landing on his face. A nasty gash ensued that needing gluing back together.

I met MrM and McBaby about an hour later at MRI and could hear the McBaby laughing from round the corner so knew it couldn't be too bad, but it was a sight to see a child covered in blood with a big hole in his chin.

We waited for another hour and then a lovely nurse cleaned him up and sorted him out. To help with making the Mcbaby sit still, I put Peppa Pig (Thank the Lord for Peppa again!) on my phone and held it aloft so the nurse could access the chin. She even helpfully put a bandage on his arm to distract him from the one on his face!

The McBaby then whinged a bit and I asked if it was the stinging.

"No, it's because he wants you to put another episode of Peppa on", MrM pointed out....


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