Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The lull after Beautiful Days

Sadly, Beautiful Days ended a couple of days ago. These few days are always a bit of a downer.

However, we’re still in festival mode as we’re back at the campsite and in our bigger tent (after an initial glitch where all of us had to “sleep” in the two man tent that MrM had pitched on a slope, meaning a night of sliding into each other and then getting cross – the incident even included an episode where MrM drove over a bag of toiletries in the van), we put up the bigger tent and all is well again.

In fact, the McBaby is so insistent in continuing the party that every time he sees me barefoot, he’ll run off to get my wellies and then will bring them to me and try to put them on my feet.

In his countdown yesterday, he forgot to share some of the funny things he saw at the festival. The first one was not amusing for him but hilarious to watch. The McBaby thoroughly enjoyed Sinead O’Connor, but was not so keen on the headliners Ocean Colour Scene. What a philistine.

Anyway, he proceeded to bawl so loudly that a woman came over and started stroking his head. “I own a nursery,” she said, comforting him and massaging his eyebrows. Well after The Riverboat, he was still screaming, so she looked at me and said: “No, can’t fix this one.” I knew he cried more than anyone else – people always say that your own child’s screaming sounds louder, but I don’t think that’s true and it was good to have it confirmed by someone with experience in childcare!

On a better note, he likes to hide under A-boards and was joined by a lovely little boy when he was under a sign advertising pizzas. You may know that the McBaby is a quarter Chinese and has slightly Asian features. This little boy did too and I wonder if that’s what caused them to have an affinity (apart from their desire to sit under an A-board). From laughing together and playing with the chain, they started pointing at each other’s noses and then the McBaby gave him a big kiss and cuddle! He never does that to me, but never mind. They had a lot of fun until the McBaby started to point out his new friend’s eyes as well as nose and then the boy’s dad took him away.

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