Monday, 12 August 2013

Successful interactions!

As a loner and curmudgeon, I always worry that the McBaby will take after me and be friendless. So it raises my spirits when I see him interact successfully and make people happy.

Here are some of the highlights of the weekend:

1. There was a homeless man in town earning a few pennies by playing the spoons. Very masterfully, I might add. To be fair, some people were giving him money, but there were some people giving him the look and manoeuvring their offspring away from him. However, the McBaby went up to him and danced, applauding at the end of each song. Good boy.

2. We were in a coffee shop when he went and high fived a little boy of the same age. The boy gave him a biscuit (but then tried to take it back!) and the pair parted with a hug.

3. We were in another pub (we’re homeless at the moment, remember!) and there were two dogs behind a fence. One of the dogs was trying to pick up a stone. Worried that he would break his teeth on it, I hid the stone in a flower pot). After our meal, the McBaby retrieved the stone and gave it to the dog.

All weekend, and in fact all of the time, whenever he sees a dog, even if it's me just wearing a dog mask (I am preparing for a fancy dress weekend in which we must all dress up as animals - gosh, that didn't sound convincing!), he will woof at them in the belief that they understand what he is saying.

4. We were in some gardens and a little girl approached the McBaby. He started mumbling to himself, so she backed off. The two of them then performed a strange dance type ritual, ending him the McBaby running towards the gate and the little girl lying on the floor as if in the last scene of an opera.

5. Watching the McBaby playing catch with two lovely and patient children who were camping with their foster parents.

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