Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Places we are barred from....

We can now add The White Hart in Hamstead Marshall to the list of places where we are no longer welcome.

Not delighted at the prospect of eating a salad in the rain, I asked MrM if I could take him and McBaby out for dinner. He chose the White Hart as we had a lovely drink there a few weeks ago and the menu looked lovely.

And indeed the food was great, served to the thumping beat of dance music emanating from the kitchen. I suspect they’d turned up the volume in a bid to drown out the sound of the McBaby wailing about going in his highchair, about being hungry and about not being allowed to watch Peppa Pig (in fact, I had no phone signal anyway, so he wasn’t able to watch it).

He was actually quite good while he was eating his delicious risotto and helping himself to my fish and chips, but he then got bored and wanted to play outside. I am all in favour of his playing outside, but not when there’s a road next to the pub. In fact, on one of his attempts to escape, a Peugeot full of chavs sped past yelling “w*****” out of the window - don't think it was aimed at us, but really it should have been aimed at anyone! So I tried to entertain him with the giant Connect 4.

While he thrashed me at Connect 4, MrM upped, paid for the meal and left, meaning that I hadn’t finished my meal or my drink. So we headed back to the campsite which is now the second place where we are probably not welcome. More wailing ensued.

In fact, there’s a strict rule about closing car doors after 10pm and our normally quiet neighbours repeatedly slammed theirs to let us know they weren’t happy. And who would be? I reached the end of my tether and when I put Peppa on my phone for him, only for him to snatch the phone out of my hand, I tried to get him to say “thank you”.

Neither of us would back down, leading the McBaby to have a crying fit that, with horror, I realised I used to do. I remember thinking my tellings off would never end and used to sob so wholeheartedly that I couldn’t stop. This is what happened to the McBaby who almost had a fit.

What is it about Peppa Pig that is so addictive? Why it one of few things that will enable him to sit down quietly and concentrate?

I’m happy to hear advice on any of the following:

1. How to wean a child off Peppa Pig.
2. How to stop a child screeching and sobbing at the smallest thing.
3. What campsites there are in the Newbury/Oxford area.

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