Wednesday, 7 August 2013

More tales from the campsite

Leaning over the fence of our campsite and looking at the cows in the next field, the McBaby learned how to “moooo” effectively last night. Then he saw someone driving the same exact vehicle as ours and ran towards it shouting “daddy, daddy!” which was quite an interesting thought process.

While we were loitering with intent, a family cycled up to the gate and asked the campsite manager if they could have a pitch for a night at which point he turned into Basil Fawlty talking to Lord Melbury.

“Have you booked, have you booked? Next time, can you book?”

Picture this against a background of a campsite with massive swathes of empty greenery. And a family of four with wry smiles and quizzical looks on their faces.

Thankfully, he let them in which was a relief as they were a lovely Dutch family who were cycling across the UK and had covered 60 miles by bike that day. They whipped their tents up in no time and then the parents and two daughters who were about 12 and 13 sat down to enjoy a meal, filled with raucous laughter. Wonderful to see and proof that there’s something to be said about living out under the stars.

Their laughter seemed to infect the McBaby who laughed and bounced his way round the campsite, trying to get into two caravans and staring at a man sitting by his tent.

Linden Homes – take your time with building our house!

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