Monday, 5 August 2013

Camping - a long term strategy

There are two reactions when we’ve told people that we’re currently living on a campsite:

1. “Poor you!”
2. “My sister/friend/uncle lived on campsite for six months when their house was being built and they loved it!

Likewise, MrM and I have differed on our views about the situation. Mine has largely been positive but he’s starting to get bored of it and has even been to the Linden Homes site with photos of the little man living in a tent in a bid to get them to finish the house as quickly as they can!

The positives are these:

1. Fresh air
2. Getting a sense of freedom and being in the “great outdoors”.
3. Getting by without clutter; no need for lots of STUFF.
4. McBaby getting more robust
5. McBaby having lots of room to run around.
6. The social side of meeting other like-minded campers.
7. At £15, it’s actually cheaper than the mortgage interest charge on our house.
8. No Thatcham thugs driving past the house at 3am with their bass blasting.
9. I’m actually nearer to work so my commute is a bit shorter and much, much more pleasant.

The negatives are obviously that there’s a lack of stability, a lack of privacy (bathing and going to the loo, particularly with the McBaby) is a bit of a pain, nowhere to charge your phone, no post and the difficulty in cooking and washing up.

So all was well until it started raining, raining and raining. Then the McBaby used all of my phone battery up by watching Peppa Pig. Then the kicker was that I took some plates and a pan to work to wash up and then left it there for the weekend by accident. I then decided to call Domino’s to cheer everyone up. There was a long pause when I gave them the postcode and the address.

“We don’t deliver there”

Why? WHY? Wouldn’t a campsite be an absolutely IDEAL place to deliver? I’m now, finally, coming round to MrM’s point of view . All because of a pizza.

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