Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Beautiful Days Festival - by the McBaby

McBaby here:

We’re all back from Beautiful Days. I know mummy and daddy have been lots of times but it was my second time and now I’m 18 months old, I was able to do a lot more naughty stuff than I did last year when I stayed still in my sling.

Here’s a top ten of what I got up to:

10 (+) the number of bands I had to sit through when I really wanted to go exploring. I liked the Levellers acoustic set but I was bored during the finale and mummy had disappeared down the very front to do something called “moshing”.

9. The number of times I ran off to leap up and down in a muddy puddle. When I started on Sunday morning, it was a couple of metres wide. Thanks to the sun and my persistence, it was less than a foot long when mummy dragged me away.

8. The number of times I threw my ear defenders on the floor each time mummy and daddy tried to put them on me.

7. The number of hours I spent drumming on a plastic bottle in the drumming circle.

6. Number of times mummy tried to put my dog mask on (the theme was Animals) before she gave up.

5. The number of times mummy disappeared in pursuit of one of the Levellers.

4. The number of times I climbed up the outside of the Bimble Inn.

3. Number of swigs I tried to take from a can of John Smiths I found in a field.

2. Number of performers whose face I screamed into (Miser Bill and Wino Tyrone).

1. Way of Life!

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