Thursday, 29 August 2013

Bank Holiday

Can't believe it's all over and we're back at work, but at least this week is going quite quickly!

On Saturday, we headed to Cornwall for a party where every attempt I made at having a conversation with someone was thwarted by the McBaby stroking a dog too vigorously, trying to drink beer, trying to drink wine or running at top speed towards the river. On one occasion under an unnamed person's supervision, he ran straight into the river and soaked himself right up to the waist.

Then back to Newbury where we met with someone toddler friends for a picnic at Snelsmore. How lovely it was to catch up with other toddlers that we've known since birth! Here's a pic of them pretending to be oblivious to each other....

Is that it for bank holidays now? The next one's in December, you say?

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