Thursday, 22 August 2013

Always hang out with people who are more scruffy than you!

One of the reasons MrM and I were drawn to each other was that we are both quite scruffy. I have heard of those things called "irons" but only use them for toasting cheese sandwiches.

Likewise, I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that when I saw MrM in town, his shirt was so uneven and crumpled that it looked to me as if he'd left the hanger in it while wearing it.

So I was thrilled to hear that when MrM arrived back at the campsite from work yesterday, one of our fellow campers exclaimed very loudly that "you are the smartest camper I've ever seen!"

It's all about who you hang out with. I shall tell the McBaby that as a career in fashion looks unlikely for him.


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