Friday, 14 June 2013

Under canvas in Dorset

It was mummy's birthday last weekend so we went camping because she made a stupid joke to daddy about how she was "intense" on her birthday.

We drove down to a field near the beach in Dorset where I put as many stones as I could into my bucket.

We then slept in this:

It took mummy and daddy about three hours to put up and they were only successful because the people next to use at the campsite felt sorry for us and helped out.

Mummy is from Dorset and wants to move back here. The people are much nicer than they are back in Newbury - people helped us out, the staff in the pub were lovely and it is quiet and beautiful. Imagine going to the seaside everyday!

I loved running in and out of the tent and was so excited to sleep in it. Hopefully now mummy and daddy know how to put it up we should be going again soon!

Note from Mummy Pig: We stayed at Home Farm, Puncknowle (pronounced "Punnell") whose owners and campers were very helpful in getting our tent up! I believe the pitch cost £12 but it was part of my birthday present from MrM. The site is in a field, handy for the Crown Pub which serves good food and has a beer garden with equally beautiful views over the Dorset countryside. You can't see the sea from here, but it's a quiet, gorgeous spot with space for tents, campervans and even boats. After a night of laughing, we were starving the next morning, so had a quick dip in the sea at West Bexington before a very nice breakfast (it took a while to arrive, but was worth it - we weren't going anywhere!) at the nearby Eggcup CafĂ©.

McRating: 4.5/5 tenthooks.

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