Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Vagina Dialogues - motherhood for those who were mothered and are mothers (Newbury Arlington Arts - Wednesday 10th July)

This time two years ago, I remember my stomach starting to protrude. Nothing strange about that, I hear you say. "It's still doing that now".

Well now I am just fat, but back then, my expanding belly brought with it an increasing sense of fear about being a mum. Two years on, I don't feel any more confident about it and I also feel that I am doing things my way.

What I would have given then to have been invited to an event that discusses the importance of parenting. I'm still going to go as there's always more to learn but I wish this had been arranged two years ago!

Lis Allen, a Newbury-based motivational coach and mother-of-four is organising an event called The Vagina Dialogues for 250 local women to discuss motherhood.

More details here but hopefully see you there: www.thevaginadialogues.co.uk/conversation

A Newbury motivational coach and mother-of-four is holding an interactive event at Arlington Arts to celebrate experiences of motherhood.

Lis Allen is hosting the “Vagina Dialogues” at Arlington Arts on Wednesday 10th July from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. The presentation and discussion will cover topics such as the power of the subconscious mind, the importance of mothers as role models and the art of persuasive communication.

The unique event is open to all women, whether mothers or not, and will open up a debate about mothering and how to encourage children to have self-confidence and self-belief.

A mother to four girls, Lis wants to open up a debate about parenting and being a mother.

She said: “The event will be fun, thought-provoking and leave women feeling hopeful and excited about the future for their families.

“Motherhood is, in my view, one of the most important and challenging jobs on the planet and yet we get no structured training for this. I work with my four daughters and we’re in the process of creating an educational and coaching programme for mothers that deals with the power of the mind and mothering consciously.

“Our aim is to help mothers to truly believe in themselves and their decisions, raising happy confident children.”
Tickets cost £9.97 or £7.97 in advance.


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