Thursday, 6 June 2013

The bad mum

I'm not going to revive the old "working versus stay-at-home mum" argument but I changed my first nappy in a week today and put the McBaby to bed for the first time in a month.

I feel like the little man has grown exponentially since we last spent time together and is turning into a boy!

He's even been "promoted" at nursery. MrM took a call at work from the staff there just keeping him informed. Of course it's not really normal to get a call from nursery so they preface the call with "don't worry he's not been in an accident."

Of course MrM only heard the eighth word of that and started to panic.

So after a week in his new room at nursery I can see that he is already more communicative. I put him to bed tonight and it took two hours as he thought it would be fun to keep climbing on my chest and sing "row row row" while rowing his boat!

Part-time is the way to go people. Part time. Best of both worlds....

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