Saturday, 2 March 2013

What the McBaby thinks he looks like....

Gosh I whinged a bit in my last post!!

I think that was tiredness talking as the McBaby means the world to me and I shouldn't complain about the ONE thing that is not incredible about him. Having said that, I am actually quite a nice person when I've had at least five hours' sleep!

I thought I'd share some pictures that I found on my camera. I didn't even know they were there but came across them when I was sending some pics to my friend. Lord knows how I managed it, but I have two inspirational and amazing friends who invited us to join them in Nice as part of their European tour. I strongly suspect they won't ask us again as we spent the whole three days jumping up mid-conversation and trying to stop the McBaby sticking his hand in sockets/stealing purses/walking into restaurant kitchens (you get the picture).

Anyway, it looks like the McBaby got hold of my camera and took some pics. What's interesting is that they give a candid view of what he must think he looks like. There's also one in there of me that he took when he caught me off guard. It looks like I'm lazing about, but I'm actually looking at a map and trying to work out how to get to the restaurant without taking the tram!

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