Sunday, 31 March 2013

March madness

Some of the things the McBaby got up to in March:

*Visited the Ideal Home Show where he climbed up on stage before Martin Lewis' talk and then started shouting during the presentation itself.

*Climbed the stairs more than 200 times prompting everyone we know to ask why we haven't installed gates. (The answer is because our house is so tiny, we can't get any to fit!)

*May have stopped breastfeeding (this is a work in progress. Spare a thought for my poor chest if you have a moment).

*Slept through the night in his cot! Hurrah! (Once).

*Learned how to do Heads, Shoulders, Knees and toes.

*Spent a day with his aunt.

*Said "Grandma" to his grandma when she needed it most.

*tried out a new singing class where he kept running towards the door and laughing.

*Let go of my hand and ran into a pub

*Utterly refused to co-operate with the new reins I bought him

*Really got to grips with Peepo and Nosey Norman - two books that he absolutely loves. He shouts "Peepo" (or "dedo" in McBaby language) and puts his finger in the hole to make Nosey Norman's nose work.

*Grew. Like massively. He is not a baby anymore, that's for sure.

*Helped himself to a set of beermats at a jumble sale.


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