Monday, 11 February 2013

Why we should not be allowed out.

We took a flight to the south of France last week, meaning that the Mcbaby has flown nearly as many times as his dad! We will not be doing this again for the following reasons:

1. MrM dashed to the post office before the flight, announcing that he was going to get some francs. Francs!

2. I decided that we needed a guide book and asked the lady in the library if she could order one. "It'll be in on Thursday", she said. "I'll be back from holiday by then," I said. She thought I was joking.

3. On the bus on the way to the airport, the McBaby sat on my lap and the guy in front of us put his chair back, pinning us in place. I had to ask the McBaby for permission to breathe out.

4. At security, I was made to drink the McBaby's formula milk which I managed to vom up all over the belt. If you were a terrorist and intent on causing destruction, how would drinking explosives deter you?

5. As the great mum I am, I nearly dropped the McBaby in the sea. Fortunately, I saved him, but unfortunately, I had to walk from the sea, through the city centre and back to the hotel with a dry top half and wet legs.

6. We had a lovely meal in a posh restaurant that was interrupted by a shouting baby. MrM and I had to entertain him outside (where he behaved impeccably), which made us look completely rude and anti-social.

Lowestoft next time. Lowestoft.


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