Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Half birthday!

Happy half birthday to my lovely little boy!

I can't believe the time has gone so quickly from when we first met:

to now:

I love you little man!

PS. From now on, we celebrate whole years only - hahaha!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

The annual MOT

Where the "M" stands for "Magatha"...

I bang on all the time about trying to be frugal, but as my mum and I tried to explain to her rich friend, this is not the same as being mean. Depriving yourself of something you like is not the same as being a savvy consumer and getting the best for the money you do spend.

That's how I justify my MOT - a haircut, massage and pedicure while I'm in Honkers - costing a grand total of $330 - about 30 pounds.

Today was the massage - the second I've had since the McBaby arrived and only the first that lasted until the end of the session. (I had to take the McBaby to the last one and he started crying). This time, my mum kindly looked after him so I could fully relax and get the knots kneaded out of my stressed and hugely tense body.

I was so relaxed in fact that I nearly fell asleep but was woken by my mum holding the McBaby over me to examine what I was doing. He smiled at first, but once again, seeing his mum being "attacked" by a strange lady was too much and he was taken away blubbing!

So mum waited outside and I enjoyed the rest in peace and came out to see this superb example of the McBaby flirting with a crowd of women:

Hong Kong for children

It's a crazy city, but Hong Kong is actually not a bad place to bring up children. (Note to MrM - I will discuss this with you before I actually go ahead and sign the McBaby up to a school here).

I've noticed that even the sternest of people will literally cross the road to come and say hello to the McBaby before commenting on his ready smile and big eyes. He even said "Ai ya!" the other day, which was also my first word in Cantonese. I suspect his next ones will be "Ho duk yi!" and "Ho chi gung tsi" which are the two phrases he hears constantly, meaning "Very cute" and "He's like a doll!" respectively.

There are some real plus points to having the McBaby grow up here, including the likelihood of his growing up bilingual, a fact I didn't think we would ackowledge after our awful experience yesterday when we went to meet someone for lunch in Central. Pushing a stroller through Central amongst a crowed of hungry financial workers was just not a good idea - a bit like trying to move house on foot through Trafalgar Square on New Year's Eve. We got tutted at, stared at and on one occasion, pushed as I tried to navigate the crooked streets, steps, narrow pavements, scaffolding and crowds with a stroller and a baby who wouldn't get into it!

I did however have time to snap these fantastically-named shops:

Any way, back to moving here. I have been very impressed with how child-friendly it is (apart from when people are hungry).

Plus points:

Baby friendly
Affordable childcare - There aren't really nurseries for working parents here, but childcare is usually in the form of nannies who look after children and take care of the house.
Lots of green areas.
Amazing public transport - clean, efficient and cheap.


I did get some funny looks when breastfeeding. In the end, I had to put a blanket over the baby's head or feed him in the toilet.
Crazy competitive school system
Expensive. Rent is about three times what you'd pay in London.
Can be inaccessible with a buggy.
People can be incredibly rude. Worse than Newbury.


Friday, 15 June 2012

Wish you were here...

McBaby and I have been writing and posting postcards today - a joint effort as you can see here:

Thursday, 14 June 2012

From the lil one..

I spent all of last week moaning that no one had remembered my birthday but of course, someone did remember! This is the card that I got from the McBaby...

My mum also gave me a Purple Ronnie book about being a mum (Didn't I buy this for her a few years ago?)

with this one being my particular favourite:

Monkey magic

Bought the McBaby a lil monkey toy from a shop in Kowloon yesterday. Just what was the thinking behind the name of the shop?!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Chinese Nappies

Just spoilt for choice while buying nappies for the McBaby in Hong Kong.

How about a packet of Merries?

Or a packet of Moony's? Do you have to be a Moonie to buy these?

There's always Baby Love...

For babies who remember the Goon Show...

And Mamypoko - weird rather than amusing

Friday, 8 June 2012

Auntie Nini

Just got this lovely toy through the post for the McBaby. It was made by his Great Great aunt (who is great but it would have been confusing if I'd used that adjective). She is 90. 90! Apparently she had a stall at her local jubilee celebrations selling some of the toys she'd made.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


There's no panic quite like the panic of finding your baby is not where you left him. I had two phone calls at once, so answered one and placed the other phone on the floor.

I was gone less than 30 seconds and returned to find the McBaby was not in his bouncer. He was next to it. Somehow, he has worked out how to climb out. He was lying next to it quite happily, playing with the phone. After checking he was ok, I noticed he had dialled 99#9. So close on both counts!!

As if scheduled just for me, the next morning, we went to a talk by a St John Ambulance worker. A poor little boy managed to fall off his chair and smack his face on the table in front of him. Fortunately there was a trained paramedic inches away. But unfortunately, he did nothing but laugh....

And then, I stupidly let the McBaby's pushchair tip backwards which made him scream and scream and scream. Remember when I thought I was going into labour and absolutely no-one helped? Well, the same thing happened again! There was so much traffic, it took me ages to get my screaming boy to the car and then out of our parking space to the hospital. When I did, there was no urgency at all. A woman in front of me saying she had a sore throat and then the receptionist asking if we used to live in Rockingham Road. We didn't. What's the ethnic background of your son? I don't know and don't care - could I see a doctor please?!

We eventually did see the doctor who made the McBaby crack a smile, and even made me smile by telling me that it's natural to knock your child on the head, it's natural to panic and it's natural to blame yourself. "WHen you have seven, as I do, you get blase about it", he said.

Hopefully these things come in threes and that's enough panicking for now. Now all I have to do is work out which ethnic box we should be ticking on these forms.