Monday, 17 December 2012

Presents galore

Since the McBaby received so many presents from the lovely children at his birthday party, I decided to return something I'd bought him.

He had so many that I thought I'd get something for his dad with the money that I'd spent. And after all, the ball that I'd bought was probably a bit young for him - you roll it and it makes a strange noise. That's so last month!

So I popped it back into the bag with the receipt and pushed him into town. The ball, lolling about in the pushchair, kept making funny noises particularly when we were going over uneven ground. Our route into town takes us over a bumpy canal bridge, so the ball really started going for it. So, when a group of people passed us, I felt it necessary to explain what the noise was and shouted "sorry - he has a weird ball".

Strange looks all round.

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