Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Remember the Moneysupermarket competition - the Super Savvy kids challenge?

The idea of it was to provide tips on teaching children the importance of saving money, and unbelievably, my entry on car boot sales made it to the final!

Sadly, as the McBaby is only little, I didn't think we'd get far, so reluctantly had to turn down the invitation to come to the final, not before asking around to see if anyone had a spare child I could borrow though.

However, those great people there still sent us some money-related goodies! We got a fab Junior Monopoly game that we can't wait to play at Christmas, some gold coins (*not pictured..hic!) and some Love2Shop vouchers!

We can't thank Moneysupermarket enough for the fabulous parcel and also the wonderful timing. We were able to take some friends out for a meal last night, so it was all very much appreciated.

It's a good time to mention that a few friends have given the McBaby cash and due to the wonderful power of compound interest, hopefully it should stand him in good stead when he's 18.

Happy Christmas all!

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