Friday, 28 December 2012

Happy New Year!

How was your Christmas? Great I hope!

Taking an average across the board, we had a great time although there were some pluses and minuses:

Minus: I had some sort of bug or food poisoning

Plus: I was too ill to scoff loads of chocolate, Pringles or Baileys.

Minus: I then must have passed the mystery bug to the McBaby.

Plus: We headed to Cornwall so made the most of beautiful coastal walks and the fabulous views.

Minus: ...but there was torrential rain and flooding.

Plus: We were lucky enough to be looking after my favourite dog.

Minus: Now we all want a dog

Plus: The McBaby got used to living with a pet.....

Minus: ..but kept pulling the dog's tail.

Plus: MrM did the shopping and cooking

Minus: ...but bought enough for all the participants in "The 12 days of Christmas" (seriously, how many people can you feed with a turkey, two pheasants, a hare and a salmon?) So who was around to enjoy this feast? Three of us including a baby and a vegetarian.

Plus: The big screen TV which meant we could enjoy the SNowman and the Snowdog having not had a television for months!

Minus: The McBaby broke it.

Plus: We had a very relaxing time.

Happy New Year!

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