Tuesday, 11 September 2012


The McBaby had his first paid-for swimming lesson this week - the first since I very thorough and enjoyable class with his aunt when he was four months old!

We headed to the pool at Elcot Park near Hungerford which is the location for our classes as the water is quite warm. In fact, it made me titter to myself, as I watched from the side as the McBaby got ready with his dad (a rare day off for MrM). While they were in the changing room, I put my toe in. It was like bath water.

Then the next lady came and did the same. "Ooh it's freezing."

Then, MrM with McBaby. "Oooh it's warm."

Then, the first lady's husband. "Oooh it's cold."

And so on....

The first lesson was about getting used to the water. He seemed a bit scared but did enjoy it. And not just dad, the McBaby liked it too.

The half-hour lesson went by in a flash. Or should that be "splash".

They swam underwater, the parents learned how to get in and the babies got used to sitting on the side and not being afraid of falling in.

So a great first lesson. Next week it's my turn to take him as MrM will be working. Looking at the other mums, my only concern is that how much weight I can lose before next week's session....


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