Thursday, 13 September 2012


Sometimes people need to be a bit more subtle than simply telling you what they're doing.

Like the time I spoke to a copper who was doing a speed check, wondering how many people he'd booked.

"Only a couple, it's more for reassuring the public that we're taking action really."

Similarly, the predicted illness that we thought the McBaby would get once he started nursery did indeed arrive with a vengence a couple of days ago. He can hardly breathe, his nose is blocked, he's got a horrible smoker's cough and he is not sleeping at all.

He also has a strange yellow tint on his nails, but fortunately I worked out that this was the remnants of the paint that he'd got all over himself during an art session at nursery yesterday.

This very ill baby became a very happy baby when we arrived at the doctor's surgery. Plenty of women to flirt with and a mummy to make look foolish.

I took him in, and the doctor seemed a bit impatient. He did examine him though when I said I wanted to know if he had a chest infection or not. The McBaby didn't enjoy this at all, and didn't enjoy being told that he was fine and then the doctor just saying the word "reassurance". As in, "I am reassuring you".

Don't reassure me!

Tell me what to do!

Don't patronise me - I KNOW that you can't visit me at night, I was simply saying that he might seem fine to you but he is genuinely unwell and unable to sleep.

And yes, DrX I've already given him Calpol!


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