Wednesday, 26 September 2012



1. Having a nosebleed all over the McBaby and taking ages to find the source of the blood!

2. For driving to Norwich for work and then discovering that I had two babyseats in the car, necessitating a last-minute taxi for MrM who dropped the McBaby at nursery and then got a taxi home to collect his car, before driving back to work again!

3. Not sending a spare pair of trousers to nursery, and the McBaby therefore having to wear a pink pair home with rabbits on them.

4. Forgetting to take a nappy with us when we went swimming. I had to borrow one. Oh the shame.

5. Calling the McBaby and MrM; "Jon, Dave, Simon". None of these names belongs to either of them.

6. Abandoning the McBaby to go and see my favourite band last night.

6a. While at (6), telling MrM that McBaby won't go to bed until 11.30pm. And then taking it as a personal insult upon my parenting when MrM managed to get him to sleep at 7pm.

7. For sending a video of the McBaby to You've Been Framed. I'll come back and apologise separately if it gets used...


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