Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A wedding....

We spent the weekend down in Cornwall for the wedding of the year. In fact, the wedding of the decade. Close your eyes and picture the perfect English wedding. That is what this was like. A beautiful church, stunning bride, handsome groom, gorgeous weather, bunting and flowers, fudge, music, laughter. Amazing and so wonderful for the McBaby to spend time with his family.

This is what I learned:

-That a bowtie will stay on the McBaby for a maximum of 45 seconds.

-I have not been able to walk in heels since the birth. Or before. I got my heel stuck in the grate while walking down the aisle. Most unladylike.

-That my dad is the best speechmaker I've ever heard.

-How to brush a dog thanks to the McNephew

-That three gorgeous bridesmaids will emit enough beauty to hide the ugly one!

-That according to my cousin (from the Midlands), "Cornwall is in the south, isn't it? Near London?"

-That a wet dog will take away that new car smell.

-That I am AMAZING at air guitar

-That a three-year-old is better at re-inflating a bouncy castle than I am

-That if I drink enough, I will eat meat

-That I want to move to Cornwall....


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