Thursday, 23 August 2012

Turn off the TV and do something less boring instead....

Today is a momentous day! We have decided to get rid of the TV (it's not actually left the house yet - it's on freecycle waiting for someone to use the word "please" in their request to be its next owner. Twelve replies so far, none include the magic word!)

Or is it so momentous? My massive announcement has so far been met by most people with "big deal, you've got iPlayer".

It's been something I've wanted to do for a long time. When I was young, when you met someone with enormous intellect, they usually didn't have a TV. But then, you didn't usually have anything to talk about either, and there was a feeling that they were a bit disconnected with society.

But the positives that I am hoping for are:

1. That we will have more time. We never watched Britain's Got Talent, Eastenders or anything like that, but nonetheless, having a TV is a massive time-suck. Despite my protestations that I don't watch it that much, I could quite easily find myself watching blooming "Four in a Bed" for hours because it happened to be on and then wondering why I never had time to bake etc.

2. The saving on the licence fee (even though they never, ever believe that it's possible that you don't have a TV and chase you relentlessly with letters written as if to a hardened criminal).

3. Not watching adverts! Hopefully this means we won't be wanting to buy stupid things!

4. That the lack of moving pictures will make us sleep better.

5. That I will read more. It seems to be working so far - I've nearly finished "One Day" - the first time I've started a novel since the McBaby was born.

6. Our living room looks MUCH bigger!!

7. Our living room is easier to clean!

8. I've been listening to the radio. Radio 4 and also, Absolute Radio which is playing a great selection of hits from the 90s. I am currently listening to Skunk Anasie (remember them?!)

9. No more Breakfast TV! Starting the day with Bill Turnbull and Susannah Reid puts me in a foul mood.

10. No more passivity! If I want to watch something, I'll seek it out on youtube, iPLayer or DVD and will enjoy it more.

What are your thoughts? This is what one friend said on FB:

Don't be worried about putting bubs in front of the tv. Louis loves it. His language is way ahead .hr knows the alphabet and can count to 30. I think it's beneficial as he uses lots of vocab from tv.
What are your thoughts?

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