Monday, 23 July 2012

Is anyone listening?

Now the sunshine is here, everything seems much better. The McBaby and I had a fabulous day at the local Waterways festival and with all the work the organisers had put into it, it was wonderful to see the sun shine for them.

So, everything seems rosy. Or it will do once I get this rant out of my head!

On Thursday, when it was still raining, I had a call from someone arranging an appointment for a health condition I've contracted since I became a mother.

Me: "Can I bring my son?"
Woman: "Why does he want to come?"
Me: "He doesn't want to, it's just that I have no childcare".
Woman: Big SIGH. "I'll find out."

Calls back.

Woman: "You can, but it's really not ideal"
Me: "Oh that's great, thank you. No, I know it's not ideal, but I have no choice."
Woman: "It says here you're married. Can't your husband look after him?"

Me, thinking that if he could, I wouldn't have asked if I could bring my son.
"No, he can't, sorry."

Woman: More sighing. "Well, you can bring him, but it's really not convenient."
Me: "OK, I understand, I think it would be best to cancel then."
Woman: "I just said you could bring him"
Me: "Yes, you did, but you said it wasn't convenient which will make me stressed if he starts crying."
Woman: "OK". Hangs up.

I call back. "Hello! Just got cut off and not sure if my appointment is cancelled or if I need to do it in writing?"

I glance at letter telling me how hideously inconvenient it is when people don't turn up. I have never let anyone down or missed an appointment in my life.

Woman: "Look. Just bring him ok. Lots of single mums do."

Hmmm, do they get the guilt trip too?

Me: "Ok, I will thank you."

WOman: "You will turn up?"

Me: "Of course!"

WOman: "DOn't let me down!"

Me: "Uh?"

Woman: "DO you want a letter to confirm the appointment?"

Me: "No thanks, I have written it all down. I think you've wasted enough time on me, so don't use more resources sending me a letter!"

WOman: "OK, I won't. See you then."

This morning, a letter confirming my appointment landed on the doorstep.

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  1. Bloody hell!! How rude of that person! If i was you i would put in a complaint. That kind of behaviour is atrocious. Hope the appointment went well.xx