Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Honkers again

I think the horrible, horrible, wet weather is making me Honkers-sick. Who doesn't have wanderlust when it's been raining for 56 days on the trot?

Anyway, it reminded me of a couple of conversations I had on the same day that made me laugh.

The first was in Karen Millen where the McBaby flirted outrageously with the two staff.

One of them asked me this:

"Are you his mum?"




"But he's so cute!"


"But he's got lovely skin. DId you drink a lot of milk when you were pregnant?"

And then trying to explain to a friend that I'd had a home birth (after she told me not to order spaghetti in a restaurant. "Surely you can make it yourself! Have the steak! OMG! You're not a VEGETARIAN, are you?"

"A home birth? Did you not get to hospital in time?"

"A planned home birth?!


Is it legal in the UK?

How did you afford a private doctor?

You didn't have a doctor? Just a midwife? WHY? Who cleaned up? OK, that's enough info about that..I AM EATING"....


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