Saturday, 16 June 2012

The annual MOT

Where the "M" stands for "Magatha"...

I bang on all the time about trying to be frugal, but as my mum and I tried to explain to her rich friend, this is not the same as being mean. Depriving yourself of something you like is not the same as being a savvy consumer and getting the best for the money you do spend.

That's how I justify my MOT - a haircut, massage and pedicure while I'm in Honkers - costing a grand total of $330 - about 30 pounds.

Today was the massage - the second I've had since the McBaby arrived and only the first that lasted until the end of the session. (I had to take the McBaby to the last one and he started crying). This time, my mum kindly looked after him so I could fully relax and get the knots kneaded out of my stressed and hugely tense body.

I was so relaxed in fact that I nearly fell asleep but was woken by my mum holding the McBaby over me to examine what I was doing. He smiled at first, but once again, seeing his mum being "attacked" by a strange lady was too much and he was taken away blubbing!

So mum waited outside and I enjoyed the rest in peace and came out to see this superb example of the McBaby flirting with a crowd of women:

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  1. OOh the massage sounds lovely and what a great bargain for all those wonderful things!

    Looks like the baby is going down well in Hong kong:-)