Tuesday, 5 June 2012


There's no panic quite like the panic of finding your baby is not where you left him. I had two phone calls at once, so answered one and placed the other phone on the floor.

I was gone less than 30 seconds and returned to find the McBaby was not in his bouncer. He was next to it. Somehow, he has worked out how to climb out. He was lying next to it quite happily, playing with the phone. After checking he was ok, I noticed he had dialled 99#9. So close on both counts!!

As if scheduled just for me, the next morning, we went to a talk by a St John Ambulance worker. A poor little boy managed to fall off his chair and smack his face on the table in front of him. Fortunately there was a trained paramedic inches away. But unfortunately, he did nothing but laugh....

And then, I stupidly let the McBaby's pushchair tip backwards which made him scream and scream and scream. Remember when I thought I was going into labour and absolutely no-one helped? Well, the same thing happened again! There was so much traffic, it took me ages to get my screaming boy to the car and then out of our parking space to the hospital. When I did, there was no urgency at all. A woman in front of me saying she had a sore throat and then the receptionist asking if we used to live in Rockingham Road. We didn't. What's the ethnic background of your son? I don't know and don't care - could I see a doctor please?!

We eventually did see the doctor who made the McBaby crack a smile, and even made me smile by telling me that it's natural to knock your child on the head, it's natural to panic and it's natural to blame yourself. "WHen you have seven, as I do, you get blase about it", he said.

Hopefully these things come in threes and that's enough panicking for now. Now all I have to do is work out which ethnic box we should be ticking on these forms.

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